19 y/o Java/JS Dev. ☕ Mainly game developer.

About Me

Hello, I'm Giuseppe alias Pirro, mainly a Java + JS Fullstack dev. I'm mainly known for managing the TecnoCraft Minecraft community, actually the biggest Minecraft Roleplay community in Italy. My main interest and passion is game developing right now, which I believe that's a true art. I'm also known for creating some public plugins in the Spigot community, like the fix for the UUID spoofing, that for many years served the Minecraft community pretty well in fixing a tremendous exploit. Currently CEO at Pirro Productions, a tech startup mainly engaged on game developing - VAT IT03139390805.



An Italian RPG Minecraft community.


A Spigot plugin that permits to log players' inventories, lightning fast, asynchronous, and with serialization.

UUID Spoof - Fix, @deprecated

A Spigot plugin that fixed the UUID spoofing exploit, one of my most successful plugins. Don't use it right now, it's now fully deprecated, bypassable and unsupported.



Project Manager, and main Backend developer. 2013 - Present

Pirro Productions

CEO. 2020 - Present


Languages & Frameworks

Mainly Java (Spigot, Android, Backend Web Development with Spring), JavaScript/NodeJS Frontend with React, NextJS, MaterialUI; I also know some python, PHP, HTML, CSS, basilar C++ and C#


MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis


CI / CD, API design, Server management, Git, Agile teaming, Docker